Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Horny babes video

Hi everyone, I have lost my video copy, it was done a while ago now and i don't know where to find another one. I do like to view it occationally, it turns me on! there are a couple of sites that have it but one can't get to down load it because there is too much on the sites post dating it so I am stuck. Does any one out there have the complete video, please please please! if you do have a copy can I discuss getting hold of it with you, I have put some fuzzy stills from the movie on this blog to help with recognition ta!

I was very young at the time I had just shaved my pussy for the first time, I had been fucked before so not a virgin but very inexperienced with cocks. The men were much older and I agreed to make a homemade movie with one of the guys as cameraman. I enjoyed doing it so much I still think of the buzz I got at the time and masturbate over this movie and some of the others I subsequently did.

Anyway to cut a very long tale shorter I was stripped by the tanned guy with a lovely flat tummy, my nipples were on fire so very hard and so was my clitoris, when he licked it the sensations running through me were fantastic, then he fucked me I couldn't stop cumming, eventually he spunked into my mouth and over the left cheek of my face and I swallowed as much as I could (I now swallow spunk every chance I get).

After he'd finnished I gave the cameraman a teazy wank, he had a bigger cock than the guy who fucked me and spurted a lot of cum all over his belly then the tanned guy who was watching took hold of me and bent me over and stuck his renewed hard cock into me from behind , the bugger came in my arse.

I have to admit I liked my first taste of anal sex and on occations have had double penetration with my husband and a friend since. I can be reached on email